Sunday, April 08, 2012

NHL Playoffs 2012

It is playoff time!  And the Vancouver Canucks win the Presidents Trophy again!  :D  Of course, this means nothing if we don't win the Stanley Cup.  Only good thing is that the police should be ready for riots this time.  They can't be so stupid to let it happen a third time to the city, right?

Here are my picks for the first round:

Western Conference
Vancouver vs Los Angeles - Vancouver in 7; Quick is possibly the best goalie in the playoffs and will stand on his head the entire series.

St. Louis vs San Jose - St. Louis in 5; This is the coming out party for St. Louis, while San Jose keeps getting weaker each year and will eventually need to rebuild.  And don't you love having the option of BOTH Elliott and Halak in goal?

Phoenix vs Chicago - Toews is the wildcard.  If Toews doesn't come back, Phoenix wins it in 7.  If Toews does come back, Chicago wins it in 6 or earlier.

Nashville vs Detroit - Nashville in 7.  As much as I love Detroit's experience, Nashville is younger and dare I say possibly hungrier.  If they didn't add Radulov, I would say Detroit wins in 7.  Expect Rinne to outplay Howard by the slimmest of margins.  This will be a tight series.

Eastern Conference
New York vs Ottawa - New York in 6.  As much heart as Ottawa might have to give, New York outshines Ottawa in all categories.

Boston vs Washington - Washington in 7.  Ovechkin is tired of being labeled an underachiever.  He wants to get it done this time.

Florida vs New Jersey - New Jersey in 4.  Kovalchuk will show everyone why he's the 100 million dollar man.

Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia - Pittsburgh in 7.  Come on, you guys, seriously.  Crosby is back, Malkin's in MVP form, and Philly is missing Pronger.  What else do you need me to say?  But this will be a brutal series, if the regular season is any indication.

The Cup Finals
Vancouver over Washington in 7.  I can dream, right?


  1. PHX/CHI and BOS/WAS are tough calls. My friend in Pittsburgh has been yearning for a VAN/PIT final for some time and that'd definitely be a series I'd love to watch. I'll gladly take VAN/WAS too.

  2. I'd love a VAN/PIT final also. Two teams that have scored the most goals in each of their conferences playing each other? That would be great! But I'm going out on a limb and saying that Ovechkin is tired of listening to the naysayers, he'll turn it up this time around. Of course, probably won't happen, especially given Washington's goalie situation.

  3. I predict a Boston win in the first round.

    Would love to see another Canucks/Rangers final. If they lose there would be blood in the streets.