Friday, January 13, 2012

Notes on The Karate Kid Remake

1.  This movie was a lot better than I thought it would be.  It almost makes me forgive them for not calling it The Kung Fu Kid.  Almost.

2.  The athleticism shown in this movie is way better than the original.  But are children's kung fu tournaments in Beijing really that violent?  Seriously, some of them look like preteens.  Not one looks a day over 13.

3.  I understand why Daniel looks so small in the original Karate Kid compared to the bullies.  But this remake seems to overdo it a tad.  Dude, she looks WAY older than him.

4.  This movie did not provide a good representation of DDR.  But girl can move.

5.  I remember watching the Mighty Ducks movies and thinking that I've never seen midget hockey get so much media in real life.  I wonder if these children's kung fu tournaments actually get that kind of rock star treatment in real life.

6.  I think any normal kid would have gotten tired of the jacket thing after two days, max.

7.  Pretty faithful to the original story, but nice twist at the end on switching masters.  You can tell there won't be a Karate Kid 3 remake anyway.  :)

8.  Do people really do that with their chopsticks in China and continue eating?  I know some people think they're uncivilized and all, but I've never seen it happen. For that matter, I haven't see anyone drink water straight out of the tap without boiling it either....  betcha Jackie Chan's water was filtered and boiled for that scene.

9.  Was the mom hitting on Jackie Chan?

10.  When did he have time to practice the cobra hypnosis?