Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Another day in the life

So I went back to the gym yesterday.  Hadn't gone since the Body Pump class.  Wanted to try something different, so I joined the Body Combat class.  No idea what to expect.  It was aerobics.  Somewhere near the end, there were some push-ups involved.  The instructure was not a TCG (tiny chinese girl), but even so, I've never seen a girl out-push-up a guy easily.  I'm not saying I'm a marine, but I can do a few.

But when these push-ups came, I was so exhausted, I couldn't even do push-ups with my knees on the ground.  These classes are freaking embarrassing.  And all the time, the girl's yelling and grinning.  "Jia you!  Come on!  OK, look at me, follow me!  Knee!  Knee!  Hands up!"  Gah.

Later, I was bending down to wash my ankles in the shower.  My forehead hit a shelf.  It didn't hit the shelf hard, but I felt the shock all the way along my neck, right shoulder, right arm, and fingertips.  Oh, pain.  That'll hurt.  Normally, when you bump your body, your body is able to absorb the shock easily, right?  Not this body.  It was so worn out that even the tiniest shock caused horrible damage.  I decided to go for a massage after because I just knew it would be too painful the next day.  It's traditional Chinese treatment, where they even do this cupping thing.  They put these glass cups on your back, and use a dash of fire to suck out all the oxygen.  It creates a vacuum that sucks up your tissue and blood and is supposed to make things better.  I have no idea if it works.  I now have all these dark spots all over my back and shoulders.  But I am glad I got the massage.  I am able to move around today, unlike last week after Body Pump, when I could barely move.

Seriously, why?