Thursday, September 29, 2011

My hockey pool draft strategy

Get the #1 pick, grab Ovechkin.

Sorry, I really have no clue how to rank players this year.  There is just so much parity in the NHL now and unlike previous years, I feel very few players are separating themselves out from the pack.  Last year, my #1 ranked pick was Daniel Sedin (and fortunately, nobody picked him until I did at spot #7), and I was almost right on the money.  Only Corey Perry got more fantasy points than Danny, and who seriously saw that coming?

This year, Alexander Ovechkin is my #1 ranked player, followed by Daniel Sedin, and then Steven Stamkos.  I know, I know, Ovechkin had a horrible year last year by Ovechkin standards.  But he admits his fitness strategy was horrible last year, so he totally revamped his fitness strategy during the off-season for this year.  He looks great.  He's back to Ovechkin levels.  Fact of the matter is, nobody in the NHL takes more shots than Ovechkin, even last year.  He'll be on his game again and is a great candidate to take both the Hart and Art Ross trophies again (especially with Crosby still recovering from his concussion).

Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing this year.  My success will probably heavily depend on watching the waiver wire and free agent pool like I did last year (even more so this year), with a couple of savvy trades.  Here I am to defend my crown though.  Bring it on, guys.  Yeah, I'm talking with you, Nicky, let's get our perennial trade out of the way fast.  :D

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