Saturday, June 04, 2011

So... thirsty...

A couple of days ago, I bought a bottle of Pocari Sweat on the way back to the office from lunch.  My co-workers told me not to drink it because there was a big danger right now with bottled juice.  Some big scandal had just broken.


Even if there was some sort of new food scandal (so what else is new), Pocari Sweat is a Japanese brand.  Should be safe, right?  No, they warned me not to drink it.  Seriously, what's up with all the hysteria?  But after wrestling with the thought, I finally agreed with them.  Why take the risk over something where I have zero information, but they clearly seem to have some new news?  So I threw out the Pocari Sweat and thirsted for the rest of the afternoon.

My office has water coolers, but my cup easily catches some kind of weird flakes that fall from the air conditioning.  My other co-worker warned me about that one.  Great.  Still more friends told me they just drink boiled water now at the office now.  Eh?  Even though we have water coolers where they deliver those big plastic cisterns of purified water?

This is the scandal my friends were warning me about.  Oh great, the problem's in Taiwan.  And the brands are identified.  Any imported products will probably be flagged.  So we should be safe, right?  Then my friends ask me, "But how do you know which brands to trust?  There are so many."  So they drink just boiled water or soy milk they prepared themselves from freshly bought soy beans.  It's horrible when I can't find anything wrong with their logic.  GAAAAAHHH!!!  SOOO... THIRSTY!!!!

We apparently now finally have data that China is relatively safe.  Well, that's good news.  Except my friends comment, "But nothing is safe in China."

OK, seriously, what am I supposed to trust and eat?  I have no idea anymore.  Just the other day, I found out another friend never eats out.  She always makes her own lunch and brings it to work.  Why?  Because the restaurants are dirty.  "They always reuse their oil, it's never clean."

This is also remembering that my roommate uses western brand soaps and shampoo because he deems them safer, while I use Chinese brands.  He also still prefers boiled water over bottled water from the supermarket because it's cheaper.

Enough is enough.  It gets to the point where you just don't care anymore, you just want to live life.  Of course, that gave me a weird combination of indigestion and diarrhea when I went to hot pot last week.  That lasted for several days and it wasn't fun.  I was starting to get headaches.  I guess the lack of sleep doesn't help either.  Did I mention work is stupidly horrendous right now?  :)  The hot pot probably only just tipped me over the edge of health's boundaries.

I have no idea what's safe anymore.  But I've eaten crazier things and survived.  That's right.  Heck yeah.  Come on, China, get it together.

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  1. is there a chinese brand of imodium available? or just some package of herbs you make into soup you get from the chinese doctor? (hahaha, i guess all the doctors are chinese there, but i think you know what i mean)