Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Introducing SocialCheck.me

Hey, all you hiring managers, recruiters, and HR folks!  Having difficulty choosing the right candidate?  I know you are!  :)

SocialCheck.me is a web-based tool that can help.  It utilizes an employee candidate's social network to allow you to do anonymous and mass-customized surveys for reference checks.  We all know there are still difficult problems in the hiring space, and the hiring process results in a lot of false positive hires due to asymmetric information.  What we're trying to do is make the information field more level by giving you a survey mechanism that is private, anonymous, and customizable.  Data is validated to be submitted by people who actually know the candidate; validation happens through the social network.  Currently, we're integrated with LinkedIn, with other social networks to follow soon.

These 3 words describe what makes SocialCheck.me so good.

- Both the employer and the candidate cannot see who responds to the survey to protect the relationship of the candidate with his/her colleagues.
- The candidate cannot even see the contents of the survey, nor the survey results, to ensure survey integrity.
- The results data has no identifying data.
Result:  The anonymity allows colleagues of the candidate to speak freely to give a whole picture about the candidate, without fear of consequences.

- Only the employer or recruiter can see the survey results.
- These surveys and survey results are not for public consumption.
- Everything will be protected by quality security measures to prevent hacking of accounts and survey data.  https coming soon too!
Result:  The relationship between the candidate and his/her colleagues is protected.  Ugly, public character assassinations are avoided.  And your surveys and survey data can be considered a safe competitive advantage in the hiring world.

- Each job is different and will require different knowledge, skills, and personalities.  We allow employers and recruiters to customize the surveys according to the job and organizational needs.
- Custom surveys can be saved as templates for your future use for future open positions.
- The resulting survey data can be sliced and diced according to the type of relationship the survey responders had with the candidate, and other criteria.
Result:  You get a tool that will work for you because you will determine the nature of the surveys.  But to get you started easily, we'll provide you some templates too!

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