Thursday, March 17, 2011

Posts to be written, yeah, yeah, yeah

Oh, blog, just to show you that I haven't forgotten you.  Here are the posts that are in draft-mode right now.

Making Decisions Under Pressure
When Does Experience Matter?
Intelligence as a Vice
Doing the Right Thing
Preparing for Failure
Science vs Faith
Amy Chua and Chinese-style Parenting: A Study in Stakeholder Prioritization
Basic Axioms

To keep you amused, you'll be glad to know that I conquered my fear of eating frogs today.  I think I can eat frogs fairly confidently now.  Had dinner with some co-workers, the frog was great.  Not that it's like my favourite meat now or anything.  I'm just saying I'm not averse to eating it anymore.  Maybe one day I'll get around to eating the really exotic stuff here.  I don't even know what that would be.  A turtle?  Did I mention that I was walking in a supermarket one time and saw them selling live turtles in the seafood section?  Yeah, I think I did.  But it's worth mentioning again.  Turtles.  OK, I don't know if I'd ever be able to go buy a live turtle, cook it, and eat it.  Maybe I'd buy one as a pet... from the seafood section....

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  1. I saw toads once, too. It made me want to liberate them all from the impending doom.