Thursday, March 17, 2011

Middle East Irony

Japan is a horrible thing, I know, but it seems to be making everyone temporarily forget what's going on in the Middle East.  I hope both situations get well soon, and I know the road will be difficult, fraught with difficult situations, pain, and suffering.  My heart goes out to all.  But quick comments on the Middle East, because my brain just crashed due to new information.

Libya is going crazy, and now it seems that various nations with means are starting to agree that they should commence air strikes on the Libyan military.  It may be too late, as Qaddafi is making his move, and Qaddafi's son says that all will be over in 48 hours.  The resistance would therein be crushed, and the only way for the UN to finish the job would be to make a full incursion to fill the void left by the crushed resistance.

Libya's only one nation in a long string of Middle Eastern nations that seem to have been undergoing revolution attempts, some successful, some not successful.  Libya may be the most high-profile example, and may be the trigger that forces the UN to get involved.  But from a geopolitical perspective, it seems standard fare, as gruesome as it may be.  Citizens upset and revolt, tyrant uses force to crush rebellion, civil war ensues.

No, the weird scenario is Bahrain.  There's an attempted revolution happening in Bahrain right now also.  Here's an excellent summary of the dynamics.  And now Iran of all nations has announced that if the UN does not intervene in Bahrain, Iran will step in and play the part of hero for the glory of freedom.  It's a pure power play on the part of Iran, but one where they get to play the white knight role that the western world usually tries to play.  This Iran, the same Iran that many nations in the western world consider to be a threat.

How ironic is that?  I hope things settle down soon everywhere.

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