Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About those Chinese drivers...

I mentioned it before.  But perhaps you can't judge a nation by a single city.  Don't watch if you don't want to feel sick.  Lucky me, Youtube or whatever is embedded on the page is blocked over here, so I can't watch it.  I'm not exactly going to go out of my way to have a glimpse.  It sounds ugly.

I'd be curious as to how many bad drivers exist in China that are just poorly skilled, and how many are bad drivers because they care not for their fellow human beings.  And still further, I'd be curious how many pedestrians are just stupid (even though in western nations, the driver is always the one at fault even when the pedestrian is stupid).

Take it from a guy who ran out in front of an SUV once in Vancouver and ended up flying a car length or so.  Sometimes pedestrians get what they should expect to get from being careless.  Anyone care to watch the video for me and tell me what I'm missing?

And again on the flip side, you can't judge a nation by a single city.  But wow.

Update:  OK, silly me, I just noticed that the big thing in the middle was a youku video, not a still.  So I watched a bit.  Ouch.  :(

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