Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Baby, light my fire

I had written some quick thoughts before about doubts I had regarding Nokia's new leadership.  Then they stated some big words, but words were only words.

Well, here's the real call to arms:
How did we get to this point? Why did we fall behind when the world around us evolved?

This is what I have been trying to understand. I believe at least some of it has been due to our attitude inside Nokia. We poured gasoline on our own burning platform. I believe we have lacked accountability and leadership to align and direct the company through these disruptive times. We had a series of misses. We haven't been delivering innovation fast enough. We're not collaborating internally.

Nokia, our platform is burning.

It's interesting to note that Apple was at a similar crossroads in the past.  Steve Jobs came back, they reinvented themselves, and look where Apple is now.  World's most successful tech company, if you value numbers.  Can Nokia do the same?  However, speculation is rampant that their innovation won't be internal, and that they'll switch to a 3rd-party platform instead.  It'll be interesting to watch.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll publish those blog posts some day soon.  :)

Update:  Fantastic analysis on the memo.

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