Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You know you're back in China when...

Well, that was a nice vacation!  Lots of skiing, salads, and family and friends (they don't really eat salads in China).  Haven't blogged for a while, so I should start up again.  :)

Came back to the office on Monday and saw an email that if I wanted to claim expenses for 2010, I needed to do it by the end of Jan 10 (the day I came back).  Lucky my vacation ended so soon!  But I forgot the receipts for stuff I needed to claim at home.  Silly me.  No problem, quick trip home, quick trip back to the office.

Hmm, so what's the fastest way to go home and come back?  I decide to take a moped.  Guy says 20rmb for a round trip, I think that's a great price.  Get on and go.

I notice after a while that a lot of other mopeds are going faster than us.  Then I realize it's because my moped has a weaker engine and the guy is helping by pedaling.  Pedaling.  On the highway.  I love China.

Pick up my receipts at home, get back on the moped.  How do we navigate through traffic?  Well, there's a big red light, so start going in between two full lanes of cars in order to get to the front.  I hugged my legs and arms in close to make sure I didn't scratch anyone's car (or delivery truck).  We did this for maybe 10 car lengths.

Then we get onto the bigger roads and what do we do?  We start going against traffic.  We hit a bus stop just as a series of buses are pulling in.  So we navigate right in between the curb and the buses just as people are trying to get off.  Crazy.

But I arrive back at work safe and sound.  Only in China.  :)

There are 4 blog posts that I've been meaning to write for a while since before vacation:

Why I love to use IM at work
Science vs. Faith
Intelligence as a vice
Basic Laws in Human Nature

Also, 2 blog posts I've been wanting to write since after vacation:

Amy Chua and Chinese-style parenting - a study in stakeholder prioritization
Doing the right thing: how good leaders take responsibility and lead

Maybe not all of these would see the light of day.  Maybe they won't be written in this order.  But someday I'll get around to writing at least some of them.  :)

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