Friday, November 19, 2010

That's enough excitement for today, let's go home

We just had an earthquake.  People as far as Futian felt it, so that's the only explanation that makes sense.  The floor shook for a few seconds.  Everyone stood up and rushed to the windows.  I guess there's no earthquake procedures here to hide under your desk for 1 minute.  My co-worker tells me that Shenzhen never had an earthquake before.  You know what's ironic?  We're scheduled to have an evacuation drill in 2 hours.  Don't tell me they were testing some kind of crazy secret military weapon, and it was a trial run for the evacuation drill later this afternoon.  Is this how the military tests all its secret weapons?  I'm just joking.  But seriously.  Crazy.

Update:  The evacuation drill was such an awesome show.  After I walked down 11 flights of stairs and walked out of the building, fake police cars with Styrofoam siren lights came and stopped in front of us.  They did mock fires, brought out the water hose, blasted the building, put out staged fires in the lanes, tended to the mock wounded, and did a lot of running and marching.  We all just lined up on the grass, took attendance, and watched.  A bunch of official looking people, including police and probably the building management, sat at a big head table to the side and watched as well.  Meanwhile, an announcer had a sound system up and running and did a play by play commentary.  Chee, how come evacuation drills are never like this back home?  :)


  1. did you practice what we learned in elementary school or did you go to the windows too?

  2. I... ran to the windows.... but I sit actually quite close to the window, you see!