Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quirks that may not last in China

As China continues to grow, I wonder how much I'll continue to see this kind of stuff...  I'm thinking possibly not often.  And that kinda makes me sad.  What will China be if it can't be quirky?

5.  For the last few hours, there have been these people on the roof of the Toyota building across the street walking around and waving flags.  I have no idea what they're doing, but it looks like they're practicing for a performance or a parade?  I'm not sure....  Now they're in a big crowd talking about something.  I don't think they're actually Toyota employees, just the building is a Toyota building.  I think?

4.  So I went to buy a rice cooker, right?  The one I wanted wasn't in stock, so they promised to order it in and call me when it arrived the next day.  I didn't receive a phone call, so I went to check it out.  They said sorry, it hasn't arrived yet, they'll give me a call.  It's been maybe 2 weeks now.  I don't think I'll buy that rice cooker anymore....  Maybe I'll just go to Walmart, they had some for 200RMB.  But it was fun to try to shop for one with my Mandarin level.  :)

3.  Went to visit a friend at the airport.  While riding the bus back from the airport (only 6RMB or something like that, thanks), I looked out the window and saw... 3 guys riding a motorcycle.  The guy who was sitting at the very back had his head on the middle guy's back and was happily sleeping away.  It also looked like his butt was about to fall off the motorcycle.  Now, given my own recent experience of riding a motorcycle to get somewhere (the buses were jam packed that evening, and I've always wanted to ride one of those things anyway), I don't see how this guy could sleep without a care in the world like that.  I couldn't keep my eyes closed on the motorcycle I took for fear of... well, something happening.  There were so many cars all around us, and I think I almost clipped a few.

2.  A lot of skinny girls here all seem to comment something I never thought I'd hear: "I want to be fat."  What??  Say again??  And after extensive conversation with them, I'm sure they know what they're saying completely.  Not that I understand them.  I tried to explain that my usual experience is that girls want to lose weight and become skinny.  Not the girls here.  It has something to do with wanting to be stronger.  But again, after extensive conversation, I'm pretty sure they are talking about fat, not muscle.  Don't ask, how can I explain if I don't get it?

1.  Several times now, I've seen cars trapped on a one-lane street when two cars in the middle couldn't figure out how to pass each other.  Then there's a big symphony of car horns as the drivers all along the street get frustrated with whatever's keeping the line from moving.  Yesterday morning, I saw this walking from the bus stop to work.  Except, I saw it twice on the same street.  That is, there were two mini-jams within one street.  It was only possible because of a car coming in where there was a T-intersection.  I'd have to diagram it out to explain it properly.  Suffice it to say... this is why certain streets in downtown Vancouver are designated one-way streets, huh?

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