Monday, September 13, 2010

What the heck is Nokia doing?

So I wrote about how I believed that Nokia had just hired the wrong CEO to lead them out of the abyss and into the light.

Now their head product guru is leaving.  What the heck, Nokia?  What happened?  Couldn't give the guy what he needed?  CEO instantly gave a vision he couldn't agree with?  Did he take a look around and realize he was the only one on the Titanic that realized the ship was sinking?  You NEEDED this guy.  And now you have nobody.  @@

Your move, Nokia.  Your move.  You're still a profitable company and still have some chess pieces on the board.  But maybe not for long, according to the trends.  Your queen just died and you have mostly pawns.  Better figure out how to change up those pawns to other pieces fast.

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