Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weird sights and experiences in China

5.  If a typhoon hits, the rain cascades like a waterfall.  And the lightning may never stop until the last song is done.
4.  You don't want to sit down in a bus when it's pouring and the windows are leaky.  Whatever is mixed in with that water, it sure doesn't look like it's simply dirt.
3.  If someone has heavy interaction with another non-English-speaking ethnicity, that person will adopt that ethnicity's accent when speaking English.  For example, I met a woman married to an Italian man.  She has a heavy Italian accent when speaking English.  One of my co-workers studied for a year in Japan.  She has a heavy Japanese accent when speaking English.
2.  The night security detail at my workplace has a crew manager who acts like a drill seargent, and the security guards all wear black t-shirts like they're in boot camp.  At late nights, I see them lined up with hands clasped behind their backs, standing at attention.  I think that's before they start the night shift.  I believe they wear proper uniforms while working.
1.  There's something strange about an army of guys lined up in a hair shop after closing hours, practicing their vocation on mannequin heads.  Like an army of guys.

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