Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Google was making us stupid, now it's just trying to kill us

Nick Carr's piece on Is Google Making Us Stupid was simply brilliant, leading to a huge debate.  Charlie Brooker's Google Instant is trying to kill me is simply sublime.  My favourite quote:

As the name suggests, this all happens instantly. It's the internet on fast-forward, and it's aggressive – like trying to order from a waiter who keeps finishing your sentences while ramming spoonfuls of what he thinks you want directly into your mouth, so you can't even enjoy your blancmange without chewing a gobful of black pudding first.

Naturally, Google is trumpeting it as the best thing since sliced time. In a promotional video, a likable codger gives it a spin and exclaims, "I didn't even have to press enter!" This from a man old enough to remember drying his clothes with a mangle. Google may have released him from the physical misery of pressing enter, but it's destroyed his sense of perspective in the process.

Sublime.  :)

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