Monday, June 28, 2010

Focused Image

Sometimes, I wonder if I'm ever catching up to you
The ocean is so wide, so I try something new
Tack less, go straight, I just go wide
Did you even notice me sailing by

Hitting the wall, I hate it, why do I always get cramps
More carbs, more liquid, I was told by the champ
Even so, he still moves, fakes me out
It feels like I can't even touch the ball

Just to make you acknowledge who I am
I keep pushing, keep fighting, natural talent be damned
Look at Edison, 10,000 tries he said
Don't give up, even if you can't rise from bed

When do we stop, when do we cry, when is failure here
The weeping and gnashing would only create more fear
But weep and gnash inside a bit
It'll keep you grounded, but avoid the pit

And eventually, you'll look at me right in the eye
I'll stare back without blinking, that's my reply
You'll know what I'm saying without any words spoken
Remember from whence you came, my future reflection

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