Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forbidden City

So I pass through another gate looking for You
And I find only another city without any blue
There is no heaven in this place
I can only feel the emperor's cold embrace

But who is the emperor You ask of me
Is it me or You, I cannot see
For You are not cold, this is what You say
But what about the warmth I try to display?

Gate after gate, there is no end
And to each path, I try myself to bend
I only feel warped, maybe distraught
And You shake your head, saying I forgot

Forgot what, I ask, what did I forget?
Did I not walk Your path, seeking counsel yet?
I search and I seek, but I do not find
What is there for me you must remind?

And it dawns on me as I enter Your chamber
Your seat, your treasures, are here no longer
In an effort to keep them safe did I remove them
Doing what I thought was best, but emperor I wasn't

Where are they now, so far away?
Must I now travel across stormy seas to Taipei?
No, you call me home, for You are not far
You sit on the true throne in the forbidden city of my heart