Thursday, October 15, 2009


I saw a woman the other day
She had a little Chihuahua
Carrying it around in her purse
It was wearing a cute little bow tie
Black with bright pink polka dots
And a little top hat

Of course you might ask the question
Dear Paris, what have you started?
But I asked another one
It just naturally popped into my mind
Are pets meant to be...

Dressed up?
Shown off?
Smothered (with love, I suppose)?
Or would they ever roam free (if given the chance)?

I suppose it's the owner's prerogative
And there might be laws about that to a certain extent
But do dogs never want to be free
Run with the wind
Chase cats
I don't know
The stuff that dogs do
Or cats
Fish for that matter
(You know you felt sorry for pet fish after watching Finding Nemo)

And I wondered
How many out there are like Nora
Both before and after the epiphany
Because it wasn't Torvald's prerogrative
Was it?

Then why...
Do people act that way?

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