Saturday, December 06, 2008

Life as an SCV; Lost Opportunities

So I know someone who's letting me try working at a shipping company for a bit, huh? Never did real physical labour for pay before, was interested in seeing what it was like. Lot of free time, why not? It gives me money too, while I work on my stuff. :)

There's a lot of activity that happens on the ground at the warehouse where I've been doing stuff for the past two days. Basically, I unwrap big blocks of lumber, restack the lumber, and then rewrap the lumber with a bunch of Mexican dudes. It's cool, and they're teaching me Spanish.

The forklifts are going all over the place, dropping off new shipments of lumber, and picking up the ones we repackaged. You feel small beside some of these things. Then it hit me. I'm an SCV, surrounded by siege tanks and goliaths on patrol. Any minute, I should be expecting a reaver drop or ling rush. And I'm only an SCV. Not even a marine. Not even a medic. A lowly SCV. And I hope that the goliaths will be able to stop the onslaught. Because I certainly don't wanna be hit by the spread of the siege tanks.

And after a couple of days, my body is starting to ache. I go in tomorrow for a third day, and I don't think I'll survive unless I hit the hot tub tonight. So I go to the pool and soak in the hot tub for 10 minutes. It's nice. Get out and lie down on a reclining chair for another 15 minutes. Then go to the shower. But on the way, I pass the pool. I think to myself, gee, it'd be nice to swim a bit. I haven't swum for a month maybe. So I get in the pool.

As I'm fixing up my trunks, this big monster of a guy gets into the pool and moves in front of me. The most intense dose of BO I've ever experienced hits me, and I gag. And then he starts swimming. In the lane where I wanted to swim. Because it was relatively empty. As I watch him splash through the water and into the distance, the odour finally starts to fade, and I am left with only one unsettling thought: I cannot swim in this water that has been contaminated by whatever caused this odour. I watch the guy to my left move to the other lane and start swimming there, rather than wait his turn for our lane. I think about following him, maybe the contamination won't spread to the rest of the pool so easily. But I realize that the rest of the lanes are too packed.

So I forlornly get out of the water and head for the showers.