Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's like an alien world

Today, I watched maybe an entire hour of makeup videos on youtube. @@ Crazy. I never realized how much work girls put into their hair, eyes, skin, etc. It's so friggin complicated. I mean... wow. It's just crazy. @@ And it requires a ton of knowledge. And people (well, the women) look like they actually really appreciate these videos. Check out these comments:

"I was wondering... when you use the kabuki brush to buff the mineral foundation in, doesn't the liquid concealer come off with the brushing? Or is the brand that you showed us really good in that it stays on your skin?
I only conceal. I've tried doing powder foundation but whenever I brush over the concealed parts the colour just comes right off to reveal the redness that was under."

" l have a interview 2morrow and I'm going to do that look.

thank u"

"It is basically like a razor with grooves for safety and so it gets a grip on your hairs, so it will grow back faster than tweezing, because tweezing takes the hair out from the roots. But eyebrow hair doesn't grow that fast. I used the eyebrow shaper between my brows, it took 1 and 1/2 weeks."

" god i really love u !!
i'm from belgium and it's not easy to find these tips in dutch, but with your explanation it is so easy"

"i LOOOOOVE the second look!!! absolutely gorgeous, fun and easy to do :D thanks i've been wondering what to do with my bangs since the haircut lady cut them wrong from the start!!! thanks A LOOOT mwah"

Suffice it to say... if a girl asks me if she looks pretty, from now on, I will say yes, she looks gorgeous. Can't imagine what girls feel if they put all that work into it, and then people tell them it doesn't look good. I mean, most women are naturally beautiful anyway, but now I'll feel super guilty if I ever say no to that question. @@

It's definitely a world I'll never fully understand.

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