Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Global Warming is the New Terrorism

I joined another Facebook group today: Against the Global Warming Myth

Here's what I wrote on the group wall.
I read a BBC report and got really pissed, so I found a group like this to join just for the heck of it.


The entire article talks about food prices, and then this little tidbit gets shoved into the article at the end with no explanatory logic.

"The main causes of the rising food prices include rising demand from fast-developing countries, higher oil costs and global warming."

OK, rising demand from fast-developing nations, self-explanatory. Higher oil costs, obviously would increase production costs and thereby outputted food costs. Global warming... how is that connected? @@ Global warming has become the new terrorism but worse. We can now blame global warming for everything from the length of the Iraq war to the Chicago Cubs not winning the World Series. I exaggerate, but hopefully you get my point.
Seriously, how did it get this bad? It now reeks of the overarching rhetoric used to fight the war on terror: "If we don't go to the movies, the terrorists have won. If you don't study hard enough, the terrorists have won. If you don't vote, the terrorists have won. If you don't kiss me, the terrorists have won." Well, maybe we can blame global warming for the increase in crop prices. Because of global warming, people have championed biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels, leading farmers to produce crops for biofuel to fight global warming, in turn decreasing the supply available for food. But that's not global warming causing an increase in food prices, that's the supply of crops being diverted to biofuel production causing an increase in food prices. But if this is what the journalist truly meant, note how the sentence is worded to make us think that global warming is the ultimate culprit, even when it's not. After all, IF global warming is scientifically valid, there are more effective ways of decreasing carbon emissions than biofuels. Current studies show that biofuels increase greenhouse gases (see Science, February 2008). It's not global warming that's causing an increase in food prices, it's people's stupidity and manic panic.

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