Thursday, April 24, 2008

Proof that you're too jaded

I've come to the conclusion that you're too jaded about life when you refuse to watch cartoons for the sole reason that they are cartoons, and cartoons are for kids. If there is no remnant of a kid in any of us, then we can no longer experience innocent joy, laughter, and happiness. Instead, we have only cynicism, skepticism, and anger. That, my friend, is being jaded.

Hogwash to those who say they don't watch cartoons because cartoons are not intellectual enough. Watching cartoons does nothing to take away from one's intellectual capability. If it did, then your intellectual capacity is truly low. That's like saying you're too manly to cry; it takes a real man to cry. :p


  1. were you crying and watching cartoons as you wrote that?

  2. Finally. Someone who actually feel the same way that I do about cartoons (and perhaps comic books/manga/graphic novels). Although seemingly "mindless" and "devoid of intellectual content" to a large proportion of the adult population, if one were to analyze deeply enough, cartoons actually make profound statements about the cultural, religious and political values and beliefs of the societies that produced the animated features.