Friday, March 28, 2008

So, how was your morning?

At a late lunch yesterday and a discussion on self-discipline, I entered into an experiment that includes three tests each weekday until Friday next week. This involves Andre phoning me in the morning when he gets to a phone (he doesn't have a cell, nor a phone at home). The tests are:
  1. I wake up and answer his phone call.
  2. I immediately drive to C.G. Brown pool for some swimming.
  3. I immediately drive back home and then immediately go downtown for work.
If I fail any one of these tests on any particular weekday, I owe him a dinner of his choice at Gotham Steakhouse. Subsequently, I hedged myself by having John phone me every morning when he gets up, which would be a little bit before Andre would phone me. If John fails to phone me on any particular weekday when he gets up, then he owes me $50.

So how did my first day go?

5:00 - John phones me. It's enough for me to get into the mood of waking up. I nap until Andre phones me.
6:45 - Andre phones me. I groan and get out of bed. Surprisingly, washing my face wakes me up enough for me to feel relatively fresh. Brush my teeth, etc. I get into the car and wait a few minutes while the engine warms up, then drive off.
7:15 - Arrive at the pool, do some laps. I don't remember it being this hard.
7:45 - Leave the pool feeling like I'm going to throw up. It was a big late lunch, and I don't know if it all digested fully. And combined with swimming, it did not make for a comfortable feeling in my stomach.
9:00 - After various things, leave home to walk to the Skytrain. Wearing sweat pants because jeans feel too uncomfortable with how I feel like I want to throw up.
9:15 - Almost at the Skytrain, but realize that I forgot my cell phone. Usually, I put my cell phone in a clip thing on my belt. Wearing sweat pants, I have no belt. Walk to the bus stop to take the bus back home. Just before I reach the bus stop, the bus rushes by me. I walk home.
9:30 - Arrive home, get my cell phone, decide I want to bus to the Skytrain station instead of walk again. Go to the bus station, but before I reach it, I watch the bus zoom by. In resignation, decide to walk to the other street's bus stop and wait for that bus instead.
9:30 to 10:00 - Watch not one, but TWO buses zoom by the bus stop that I originally was at. Meanwhile buses fail to show at the stop at which I am waiting.
10:00 - Bus finally arrives at the bus stop at which I'm waiting. I go to the back to sit by the window, but a man counting his cigarettes asks me not to sit beside him. The man looks schizophrenic, and I spend the entire bus ride listening to him talk to himself or people that don't seem to exist.
10:15 - Waiting for the Skytrain to come. See one in the distance standing still and wonder why it's not coming. Meanwhile, two or three Skytrains zoom by in the opposite direction on the other side of the tracks. Finally, my Skytrain comes. It seems that the Skytrain that is standing still is a spare Skytrain or something that just sits there on the tracks.
10:45 - Arrive at the office still feeling like I want to throw up. :(

I have 6 more days of this? :(


  1. Ahh... good starting point, but still lack of preparedness. How can you forget a cell phone?

    Good start though.. keep going

  2. that was a fascinating and entertaining read.

    on one hand, i can identify the feeling of waking up/transit woes/tiredess/etc.

    on the other hand, i want to say persevere mr. park! don't give up! 6 days is nothing in light of eternity!

    on another hand (yes, i have three hands) i want to say that when you tell us about tomorrow, your story would be far more interesting if you did it all BACKWARDS! or if you did it all with a funny wig on the whole time.

    just a suggestion. (hehehe)