Saturday, September 08, 2007

Yearning for Courage

This poem was written in light of my thoughts in the last four years. How strange is it that even the thought still seems out of my league?

Yearning for Courage
By Robert Park
November 22, 2004, 3:00 AM

It is not the absence of fear
That manifests your bravery
But one would hope that the greater the fear
The more your bravery
Lest the fear overtake you
And bind you
Trap you
In a spiralling descent
Ever farther from the touch of heaven
That you seek
Giving you a new sense of meek
That has not humility
But tepid folly
Revealing your lack of courage
And showing the pathetic worm
That you seek to not be

If perfect love casts out fear
Then wherefore the fear
This is the paradox
That resides inside of me
Because the love is not perfect
And maybe never can be

Out, damn spot, out!
Why stain my hand
For no blood have I shed
But tears have bled
Because of the imperfection
You chain to me

And in this situation
May an ounce of courage take shape
In the form of a sword
That cuts to the bone
Resounding in my mind
Ringing true, to direct my way?

Please, I pray
Out, damn spot, out
For the fear you implant
Has no place in this heart
When this heart yearns for courage
To be loyal to a promise

One I wish to keep

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