Saturday, September 08, 2007


This poem was written while I endured some heavy-duty depression due to various emotions. I couldn't do anything, my marks dropped drastically, which wasn't actually so bad, compared to some of the other stuff I went through. I wanted it to end and have my feet back on the ground so badly...
By Robert Park
October 27, 2003, 11:43 AM
A terrible turmoil, twisting temperamentally
Tossing me hither and thither like a rag doll
I wonder if I can ever regain control of this existence
When my sense of direction is so lost.
Rule number one, dammit, couldn't you remember?
Always keep your shields up, keep your distance
Don't let the thing grab you, don't let it come near
Or else the violence will show you no mercy.
It takes a toll on me, this tossing about
And I pray for it to stop, unceasingly
Since when was I a toy that one could torment so carelessly
And when will I forget everything that swept me so easily?
Of course I'm getting tired
But oddly, what drew me to this tornado
Keeps me here...
Maybe I can get used to it
And sleep...

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