Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sonnet 12

This was written in grade 12. Do I really need to say anything?
Sonnet 12
By Robert Park
Unknown Date
The sky does rain, the sun does shine, at night.
A conflict I can’t really understand
Because it could be thoughts’ or love’s demands
Causing failure to contemplate the slight.
I can’t forget that laugh, the sound that makes
Me so entranced as if a flute did sing.
Those eyes that sparkle, shine and swiftly bring
A light, a cloud, so that my heart’s opaque.
That smile, capricious, radiant, and bright
Distills emotions from within, afar.
Simple life was till I met this fair star.
Why is it now complex since she came nigh?
And then a thought enters into my mind.
Does she even think of me, am I blind?

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