Saturday, September 08, 2007


I learned something sometime a little before the writing of this poem that shattered a lot of childish ideals. You know why appeal to emotion can create fallacies in your mind? It's because they can totally block out your ability to use your logic and enforce your logic. That can really suck sometimes.
By Robert Park
November 18, 2003, 12:47 AM
Did you see my heart?
I'm looking for it right now
I gave it away
So now I don't know where it is
Can you find my heart?
It's somewhere in the mud
Someone dropped it
So now I can't find it
Did you see my mind?
I'm looking for it right now
It followed my heart
And now for some reason it's lost
Can you find my mind?
It's wandering the world
Somewhere in Atlantis
Where you can't find what used to be
Did you see me?
I'm looking for me right now
Who I used to be
When did I disappear?
Can you find me?
I'll offer a reward if need be
Just want myself back
Forget everything and move on
Where is it all?
The man who used to be
And became broken
A child on his knees?
Confidence, calmness, and courage
It all disappeared
You can only hope the phoenix
Rises from the ashes
Where is that phoenix?
The mystical bird that can live
And soar like never before
I'm searching.

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