Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lost Dreams

This was written in grade 12 or early university, as I thought about the transition from the past to the future. Entering university was supposed to be a big step, but I wondered at the time how it would actually make me grow as a person. In all honesty, it seemed like some of my most creative years were behind me. One thinks of John Keats' poem, When I Have Fears that I May Cease to Be or John Milton's On Having Reached My Twenty-Third Birthday.
Lost Dreams
By Robert Park
Unknown Date
Do you remember
a little boy, he wanted to be a cowboy
and then a ninja
because ninjas were cool
(they still are)
but when cowboys and ninjas are of no use
in today's world anyway
what does he do?
I think you remember
a little girl, barely four years old
she played with dolls
because dolls were cute
(they still are)
but why do little girls take care of dolls
even when they still cannot take care
of themselves?
How do you remember
the instincts of bygone past
the internal drive
of imagination and creativity
(when you had dreams)
when you become encased in systems
and become jaded
too much to care?
Until we get there
(wherever there might be)
we can keep our vision straight
(unless it's uncertain)
but the journey has its own rewards
(so they say)
a thought for those who don't make it
(maybe me)
because we lost our childish visions
(and hit reality)
Say it isn't so
(don't make that history)

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