Saturday, September 08, 2007


This poem was written I believe in grade 11 or 12. I'm not sure what I was going through to write these words at the time, the poem itself is a vague memory of mine. But I did enter it into the contest at, that thing was huge back then. :) I remember web banner ads all over the Internet for it. It's a Petrarchan (Italian) sonnet.
By Robert Park
Unknown Date
I saw a bird flying high in the clouds.
It wheeled, dipped, and soared majestically.
A wild eagle it was, born free, so free.
To the earth it verily would not bow.
Pride it had, screeching defiance out loud,
Claiming its space, its rightful territory.
King of the skies it was, gliding with ease.
Would it come down when rain came from those clouds?
I was once an eagle, flying so high.
Then the weather changed and I was brought low.
How could this happen to one who could fly?
The heavens did fall and not in light snow.
Must I fall down to the ground and just die?
Must have some shelter, survive, have some hope.

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