Saturday, September 08, 2007


Do I really need to explain any background for this poem?
By Robert Park
Unknown Date
Confusion reigns
Whenever you don't understand what's going on
It's a natural thing
Like weeds growing on your lawn
Stupid dandelions
Always flitting everywhere
Conceiving new life
That you never wanted
They populate your lawn
And take over
Until eventually
You can't even see your grass anymore
And you wonder
Did you get transported to another world?
Or are you really someone else
Living in another home
Different from the one you thought was yours
Maybe you were never that person in the first place
And it's all because
Of the unnecessary dandelion seeds
That get blown all throughout your place
Growing anywhere they please
Planting themselves
Stealing the water
Stealing the life source
Killing what should be there
But you know what,
Those dandelions can be pretty
Really pretty
After all, you wonder
Are they really weeds?
Or are they flowers
They do bloom
And you could pick those petals all day long
Saying the words
She loves me
She loves me not
I want my own lawn back
These dandelions need to go
So that a real rose can grow
But first,
Where's my home?
And should she get the rose?

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