Saturday, September 08, 2007

Costly Transactions

I joined a facebook group: Anime and/or Manga Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations For Significant Others. Too true.

Costly Transactions
By Robert Park
January 12, 2007, 4:00 AM

Your eyes glanced at me in the library that day
You were reading the day's newspaper
Seated comfortably on one of those cheap maroon sofas
In the reading area
Were you learning about our troubles in Afghanistan
Or checking out the latest fashions
Perhaps a movie review or two
And maybe stories about last night's game.

But you weren't really reading, were you?
Eyes glancing up
Wandering all over the place
As if suddenly the library scene took on new artistic life
And resting on me now and then
As I searched for a research paper
Describing the implications of the Coase Theorem.
The effort it took
To simply glance at each other while the other wasn't looking
And make it seem like we weren't staring
Until our eyes locked by chance
Due to the miscalculations of our visual sweeps.

Awkward, no?
The eyes uncertain
Not sure what should happen
Or who should look away first
Which you did
Shyly sliding lower into the couch
Raising your newspaper and flipping the page
As if you didn't ever see me
And was simply flipping through that day's paper
Because it would have cost too much
To start a simple conversation.

The distance between us
The difference between our reading topics
The lack of knowledge and high risks
That made a simple conversation
Unprofitable and infeasible
So that we never ventured forward
To try to gain that profit that could have been had
Because we could not afford the transaction.

Sometimes you wish you had good credit
To get a good loan
And cover all the costs up front
Because it would make things so easier
Instead of doing what I did
Sitting by the window on the far side
And opening up the thesis
Which is how I finally found out
That Coase was a genius.

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