Monday, July 16, 2007

When the music fades

And all is stripped away.

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Back in Zhaojue. Two years ago, I was here, now I'm here again. Wow. It was odd, but as we drove into town, I was looking around and thinking, "This feels like home." Isn't that odd? I thought it was. But I really felt like that.

I'm learning a lot about myself, as I had hoped. Lessons that I need to learn that I didn't yet realize that I needed to learn. Attributes that are still there that I dislike. Attributes that are not yet there that I wish to have. But mostly, where's home? We had a guy talk about that ironically enough, and it was great. Check out the Hall, chapter 11, 8-16.

One of our TAs knows Korean better than I do. I hang my head in shame. :) It was shocking to meet a Chinese girl who understands Korean so well. Apparently, she lived with some Korean people while going to university. Apparently, there are a lot of Korean people in that city where she studied.

Eat up while you can. Maybe you still deserve to be on milk.

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