Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why does my blog exist?

Microsoft announced Silverlight, and their demos caused a lot of buzz on the web. I just wanted to throw up a quick thought about this, so what did I do? I posted a link on Facebook.

What?? If I'm going to throw up commentary about something, should I not be blogging? Instead, I posted my comments on Facebook.


So why did I do it? Well, what's the purpose of this blog for? Basically, it's a personal blog where I just write about things now and then that are on my mind, and let people see what goes on in there. It's mostly for friends to read, whichever of them may be interested.

But if it's just a personal blog for friends to read, then what's the point of having it? Most of my friends are now on Facebook anyway, and Facebook does a fantastic job of alerting my friends whenever I post new content.

I think I just realized today that Facebook is more useful to me than my blog for this kind of stuff. Should I even bother keeping this blog? I guess I will, it's still nicer to import the Atom feed (or was Blogger RSS, I can't remember) into Facebook anyway, rather than restrict notes to just Facebook. But things like sharing videos, comments about things I find on the web, etc... I don't think those will be appearing on this blog anymore.

Here's what I wrote in Facebook, sharing this link about Silverlight:
Silverlight seems to have generated a ton of discussion on the web, and it does seem amazing. If it's anywhere as fast and clean as the reports make out, it would be an amazing weapon in Microsoft's arsenal in the fight for the web. For rich web apps, we now have what options... Flash, Ajax. In the near future, Adobe Apollo is supposed to take it to the next level. Microsoft Silverlight is supposed to surpass all of them?

I dunno, Silverlight sounds a little too utopiaish. It'd be great if it were all true. The downside would be that if Silverlight takes off and dominates, Microsoft could own the web. But I really can't see Silverlight being that successful, when there are so many other compelling options out there. Is it really that compelling?
I really wish I was an investor in Facebook.... :(

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