Sunday, February 18, 2007

Talladega Trips: The Ballad of PakG1

So I went skiing today. It was fun.

I took the snowbus up ( I've taken the snowbus twice to Whistler now. That's four trips in total (go there, come back, go there, come back). Each time, the movie shown was a movie that starred Will Ferrell. The last three movies were... wait for it...

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Is it really that hard to show a different movie each trip? @@ And why do I have to watch Talladega Nights over and over and over again? Or Will Ferrell over and over and over again? Yeah, Ferrell's a funny guy, but it will soon get to the point where I can memorize every single line of that movie. I watched in the theatre, got my laugh, it was good enough. Argh.

I spent the morning in the Symphony Amphitheatre. It was great. Lots of gladed runs, it was very purty. They made trails in the forest by following the natural contour of the mountain where there were already few trees in the forest. But tree islands were all over the place, so you had that feel of weaving in and out of trees, without the difficulty of riding a forest trail only half a metre wide. People sure seemed to like it, because there was light traffic at many of the chairlifts, but Symphony and Harmony were jam-packed (Symphony's new terrain that they just opened up this year, with a new chairlift).

Didn't bring my ski goggles. Forgot that I had lent them to a co-worker. :) Anyway, they have this cool thing where you can try out the newest high-end skis on the market for an hour for free. I tried out these monster fat skis meant for fresh powder and took them to the top of the Peak chairlift. Now, it was really windy up there so as soon as I stepped off the chairlift, I was blinded because all this snow was being blown into my face. Immediately flipped my sunglasses over my eyes, but it wasn't enough. The sunglasses reduced the stinging of the snow, but my visibility even more because the lenses just got covered. So I was shielding my face with my arms, while wiping my sunglasses every five seconds, while trying to go towards the trail. But the wind was blowing me in another direction, it was that strong. So I try to snowplough to a stop, but instead, my skis start taking a life of their own and angle my legs too widely so that my knees buckle and I fall. That hurt. I still feel it, and it will probably be very sore in the morning.

I'm trying to make my way over to the trail, but can't see where I'm going because of the wind and the snow. I manage to redirect myself just before I discover that I am about to fall off the edge of a drop. After much stepping (let's face it, I was pretty much snowshoeing), I manage to get to a blue run where the face of the mountain can shield me from the wind. And then I got to try out the skis for real.

WOW! I felt like I was floating on air! Going over the powder was so easy, and I didn't get caught at all. It was effortless to go down that slope! I fell in love.

On groomed runs, it felt really awkward. If I had chosen fat skis with more of a cut for turning, I bet it probably would have been ok. But certainly, for groomed runs, my own skis felt more natural.

However, as soon as I stepped back into my own skis and went over some more powder, I was severely disappointed in the feeling. Ignorance truly is bliss.

I hope I don't have to watch Talladega Nights again the next time I go up.... And I'll have to bring my ski goggles so that the wind and snow don't kill me. I swear, I thought my eyeballs were going to get pierced. It felt like a million nanoshuriken or something.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pretty happy

Naruto Shippuuden is finally airing. I thought that's worth a post. :)