Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No public washroom

Story of the day:

So yesterday night, I was coming home and had to go really bad. I get off the Skytrain at Broadway, and went to the A&W, knowing that they only allow customers to use the bathroom. With this in mind, I buy an apple pie (well, hot apple turnover, according to their menu). I'm told that it will take 5 minutes to prepare (what kind of fast food dessert snack takes 5 minutes???). Then I'm told that the washroom is out of order.


So I wait my 5 minutes (I paid $1.05 for that thing!) and give the pie to someone looking for money outside. Then I rush over to the McDonald's down the street (why does the red light have to come on just as I arrive at the crosswalk...) and buy an apple pie there. Then I ask to be buzzed into the bathroom. Just as I get to the bathroom, someone else enters it first! Argh! I wait for 10 minutes, and the guy doesn't come out?? Time flies when you gotta go, I didn't even notice how much time had passed. I could only think of how badly I needed to go.

Finally, I rush back to the counter, and the girl's all smiley, handing me my apple pie. No, no, I explain, I need to get into the handicap washroom, the guy still hasn't come out of the male one. I rush into the handicap washroom and experience relief.

Altogether, I had to hold for over half an hour. It was horrible.


  1. Wow... just wow... You've left me completely speechless with your riveting tale of agony, hope, heartbreak, and salvation.

  2. holding your bladder for a long time is really torture. :)

    dropping by!

  3. hahaha :D
    no public toilets at all?!

  4. I can relate. Wait until I tell you of my torturous experiences while taking the 2 hour commute to Sammamish last year.