Thursday, July 13, 2006

This book is AWESOME

When Hudson Taylor originally sought Maria Dyer's hand in marriage, there was a big uproar from their Western contemporaries. He had no education, no credentials, lived a questionable lifestyle, and made a fool of himself wearing Chinese clothing. This particular passage describes some conversations that occurred after Hudson Taylor received a particularly cruel letter from the woman who believed she had to "protect" Maria. Please note that John Burdon was to marry Maria's older sister, Burella.
One remark of Russell's explained much of the opposition though scarcely condoning the cruelty: 'If you go home to England and take a medical degree, or be ordained, we should all take you by the hand'. John Burdon, as her future brother-in-law and Taylor's friend, told Maria that a few months before in Shanghai Taylor 'was most exercised on the point whether it was not his duty to go home and remove his anomalous position either by taking his diploma as a medical man or receiving ordination... He felt keenly then that as he said he was nothing and I strongly advised him, as well as others who highly valued him as a missionary brother, to go home for a short time. Now, I think his affection for you is another call to him to pursue this course and if he is unwilling for your sake to do it, I would think him unworthy of your heart and hand. Both of you are young yet, and neither would be losers but, believe me, a great gainer by this deferring of the matter for two or three years... I do not say give him up. I do not dwell on the little peculiarities or faults that I may have noticed in him.'

Maria's answer showed the spirit of the girl: 'I would wait if he went home in order to increase his usefulness. But is he to leave his work in order to gain a name for the sake of marrying me? If he loves me more than Jesus he is not worthy of me - if he were to leave the Lord's work for the world's honour, I would have nothing further to do with him.' 'She is a noble girl,' was Hudson's comment.
Their story is crazy good. :) So now I love two women. Maria Dyer and Elizabeth Bennet.

I practiced my Mandarin today at T&T because the woman behind the counter couldn't speak much English. Ouch, it was painful, but I managed. Wo yao ershisi ge baozi. Keyi ma? It was my turn to get snacks for the team at work.

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  1. wow, what a woman. I"m going to borrow a quote ok? thanks!