Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Quote of the Day

At home you can never know what it is to be alone - absolutely alone, amidst thousands, as you can in a Chinese city, without one friend, one companion, everyone looking on you with curiosity, with contempt, with suspicion or with dislike. Thus to learn what it is to be despised and rejected of men - of those you wish to benefit, your motives not understood but suspected - thus to learn what it is to have nowhere to lay your head, and then to have the love of Jesus applied to your heart by the Holy Spirit - His holy, self-denying love, which led Him to suffer this and more than this - for me; this is precious, this is worth coming for.

Hudson Taylor
Ore ha hitori deha nai. Mattaku, ore ha hontou ni ijirashikatta ne. Shourai ha mada wakaranaindesu kara, motto Kami-sama no chikara o shinjite kudasai. Omae baka.

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