Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh yeah, I'm a superhero now

I thought I'd try to explain why someone would try to assassinate me using a can of Diet Coke.

You see, I've been learning how to become a superhero because amcal got me this. The only thing I can say that it's tough to do all your crimefighting at night and still be awake during the day. I wonder how the true professionals really do it.... @@

I guess I should explain where I got the quote. I am currently reading Hudson Taylor and Maria: A Match Made in Heaven, by John Pollock. It's an amazing tale about Hudson Taylor's call to serve in China and work among a people alien to him because he felt that's where God placed his heart. The quote was taken from one of his letters home. There was uncanny discouragement for him, but in the end, he realized that patience is indeed a virtue. Don't people warm and break your heart at the same time when they demonstrate their patience to you? That happened to me today.

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