Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bang, bang!

I was sitting in the kitchen working on my laptop to prepare an app for a demo tomorrow. Suddenly, I heard explosions from the direction of the fridge!

Oh no! They're on to me! They've planted plastic explosives to take me out! They'll never take me alive!!!

Diving to one side, I took cover behind a counter and prepared my mouse for a counterattack, Jet Li style. While the explosions continued, I thanked my employer for not giving me a wireless mouse. Bang! Bang! Bang!!! Bide your time, be patient, young grasshopper. Your time will come.

The explosions stopped and I lept from my hiding place to challenge my aggressors! But there was nothing....

The explosions came from a can of Diet Coke that had somehow frozen and exploded from the pressure. The inside of the fridge was a mess. And I couldn't find my digital camera. /sob

Lesson learned: Assassination attempts using cans of Diet Coke in refrigerators have a low probability of success. But still, don't try this at home, kids.

PakG1 lives another day.

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