Monday, April 03, 2006

This would be useful

This would be so useful. How many times have I tried to figure out a system issue, but come up empty? Wikis are the perfect solution. I wish I'd thought of it! This thing will be successful, without a question.

I went to a Xanga dinner on Saturday evening before heading off to church. wingyau was there, as was sleeping_dragon. This jeeves777 was on a roadtrip from California, and Fairchild was there filming our whole dinner. They're doing this documentary on jeeves, bloggers, etc. Apparently, the guy's got one of the 50 most-read Xangas.

So April Fools! Highlights:

1) Poor jechan! And then to smulie, and then to kandykane, and then to erika, and then Verm? Ouch! But especially jechan! I must buy that man an ice cream cone or something!

2) Daniel was so shocked that he finally gave me his online contact. I only wish I'd have been able to talk with him in person about it. He actually called the hotel all the way from California! :)

3) D figured it out right away. But then he posted the comment about the powerpuff girl to make it more real. :)

4) I may have won Round 1 against Victor and Caroline, but Violet easily won Round 2. :( Claiming to have bought a trip for two to Vegas as a gift was genius. I was caught totally off-balance. Even though it took me only a few seconds to figure out that it was a reverse practical joke on me, I never fully recovered. I should have gone one step further and actually reserved a room or something. Thought just occurred to me. Blue's an event coordinator. I should have conspired with her to answer phone calls for me through her event coordination company... @@ But that number really is the phone number for the Fairmont, and the Waddington Room really does exist... ;)

OK, if you haven't figured it out by now, Sylvia Lee does not exist. There is no Sylvia Lee. You may stop with the phone calls. :) I wonder what I can do for next year? :D


  1. Hah! You devil you! >=)!

    Gee. You had me there, Bobby.

    And yes, I returned to SJ yesterday at noon. I will be coming home again next month.

  2. darn.. guess I have to return this china dinnerware I got for you.... :P

    (okay.. fine, it's no longer April Fools..)

  3. No worries. You can send it to my Burnaby address or to the SJ address that I sent to you via e-mail. ^_^!!! If not, we can definitely meet up in May if you want and you can personally hand it over to me. =)!