Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't Lose Your Inner Child!

So while I was helping out at Habitat for Humanity last week, this guy tried to drive a point home while jumping around on a pile of dirt to firm up the ground in a trench we had just refilled:
Don't let anyone kill your inner child.
It's something I've always kept in mind, but the female species have a tendency to slaughter your desire to be carefree, simple, and full of wonder. More on that later.

On Monday, Victor called me ad hoc and we decided to go to Cypress for some night-skiing. He mentioned how people at work were talking about our childhood TV shows, and how if you watched them today, they would look really stupid. In particular, the A-Team. Apparently, Mr. T isn't actually that cool. I learned my lesson with Transformers. The movie's still great, but I can't watch the series, it'd ruin the childhood memories.

On Tuesday, the guys at work were discussing the exact same thing. This time, it was G.I. Joe.

This morning, I went to a seminar on how to do service well, presented by the Disney Institute. It was pretty revealing. Simple and obvious ideas and concepts, but as they noted, it's the execution that's difficult. They believe it's unacceptable to destroy your childhood memories. They strive to make it always magical when you go to Disneyworld.

One realization I've had over the years? I guess I really don't care about what people think of me in the end. That would kill my inner child. I'll keep him safe, thank you very much. But he'll usually only come out for people who also appreciate inner children as well. And it seems there are less of those in the female species. So I'll just go drink from the fountain of youth and drown in it. :)


  1. What kind of stuff do you do for Habitat? I've always thought it'd be interesting (and fun!) to help build houses.

  2. >It's something I've always kept in >mind, but the female species have a >tendency to slaughter your desire to be >carefree, simple, and full of wonder.

    Lol.. just earlier today, I heard someone comment that he's gotten used to caring how he's dressed, because his girlfriend trained him out of his slob-habits. That's the female species for ya...

  3. excuse me, but i take offense at your discrimitory attitude against the female species. i'm female and i have a very strong active inner child. not only am i not afraid to show it, but i relish in it. i think guys tend to call their 'slob' activities 'inner child' activities - a bad excuse :D

    from miss nadia

  4. First of all, I would like to note that it's amcal who equates being a slob with having an inner child. Not me. :)

    Secondly, yes, I'm being discriminatory. However, I do keep in mind that there are women out there who have inner childs (and we're not just talking about pregnant women here). When I come across one, I acknowledge her. But one bird does not a flock make.

  5. Actually, I'll even quote myself.

    "And it seems there are less of those in the female species."

    I never said they didn't exist. However, I will claim that statement continues to be true.