Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Post That Never Was

I've been meaning for a long time to comment on Google. The company that can consistently make my jaw drop with its innovations. The company whose share price I thought would never break $200 US (though perhaps I can fell vindicated that the stock dropped a little bit, and is definitely down from its 52-week high of $475.11 on January 11, 2006). Illiad did a short commentary on Google (starting here), and I thought this particular comic was fantastic. With Google's latest strategic stumble being not properly handling criticism over its strategy to enter China (and depending on your perspective, its whole approach to China as well), I thought the time was ripe to write my thoughts on this amazing company. Not that it hasn't been done already by thousands of others already. But then TIME printed a cover story with the emblazoned words "Can We Trust Google With Our Secrets? An exclusive inside look at the $100 billion empire that is dominating the Internet". February 20, 2006. So you can go read that instead.... TIME can do the commentary much better than I ever could.

Daniel has come across an interesting article. The whole world makes more sense to me now. What does it take to find a woman who will not lower her standards out of desperation to find men? Will I get in trouble for writing that? :)

Oh, and I'll link it again. Read it if you want a good online overview of things facing Google.

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  1. I always thought Google's "don't be evil" motto was too vague. Just what exactly constitutes evil? Is it even possible for any company to adhere to such a principle?