Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ala Princess

Idea courtesy of Lea.

January: Dear God

February: I went to Blackcomb today. As I was taking the Skytrain to Pacific Central Station to get on the Greyhound bus, I got to see a sunrise for the first time. It totally was not what I imagined a sunrise would be like. The sun was a shiny metallic red. At first, I couldn't tell at all what this thin sliver of shiny red metal was. Then it started rising and became part of a big circle. It was amazing. It was one of those I-need-a-girl-with-me moments.

March: Well, well, well. Was browsing Anandtech, and guess what I see. They're still trying to make Duke Nukem Forever? Why are they even bothering? Better physics than Half-Life 2? Darn well better have better physics. Better graphics and AI too, after all that development time!

April: Referring to this post.

May: So I'm convocating. Yay. It's been five years. A while back, I had put this description of myself in my Friendster profile:

June: I don't think people know how long it takes to write a quality blog post. It's like writing an essay for a final exam, except you don't get a time limit. When was the last time you wrote a quality final exam essay in only 15 minutes? I usually take at least an hour to write a really good blog posting, and that's the bare minimum. This will explain why I haven't posted anything worthwhile for a long time. But come to my BBQ on Saturday. As if I haven't said it enough.

July: A few days ago, I had just about finished typing up a HUGE post, and then the electricity for the whole neighbourhood went out. That was frustrating. Mind you, of course the net cafe's main computer was still on because of a BackUPS (gotta still record how long the customers used the computers and collect the revenue, you know!). So I can't remember what I wrote, really. I'll try to write as much as I can remember.

August: Canada has a love-hate relationship with the US. One of the more recent reasons to dislike the US: softwood lumber. We might finally take some action.

September: Dammon told me to listen to this one. She's amazing. And a former software engineer. I'm in love. :D

October: Dammon and I will go to see her. She's great. :) I'm sorry I haven't been posting. Why not? What happened to the well? Is it running dry?

November: Simply amazing. How come it's Lea that always finds all the cool stuff?

December: What better way for me to wrap up 2005 on my blog than with a tech industry post? I am business geek, fear me. :)