Monday, August 08, 2005

Late plane

So I'm in Shanghai right now, but our plane is delayed for several hours. So for the meantime, the airline is putting us up at a hotel. But it sucks because we have to stay in our rooms, they could call us to get on a bus for the airport any moment. I mean, how many times do I get to visit Shanghai? :p

While in Chengdu, I met a friend of a friend of mine that works for a really cool semiconductor company. Chee, wow. I might consider it later in life.

I chickened out on the rabbit head. They looked too much like rat heads and nobody else wanted to try. Next time. :)

Things that I'll miss:
  • Not needing to calculate tax and tip for whatever I buy.
  • The cheapness
  • The scenery
  • The people
Things that I won't miss:
  • Public squat toilets that don't have any sort of paper dispenser
I can't remember what else to write. Chengdu seems like any other city in NA. Zhaojue has this strip in the city that is based on a similar larger strip in Xichang. And Xichang's strip is based on a similar bigger strip in Chengdu. And Chengdu's is based on... ? Beijing? Shanghai? Hong Kong? Who knows. Will Zhaojue ever grow to a stage where people aren't just using the traffic lines and signs, but they have to install traffic lights as well? Will it ever be more than nice little mountain town? Time will tell. But I like the way it is right now too.

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  1. Wow, Canucks signed your bro Richard Park today...

    congrats... $750K a year... you guys are rich now :)