Tuesday, June 14, 2005

To blog or not to blog, that is the question

I don't think people know how long it takes to write a quality blog post. It's like writing an essay for a final exam, except you don't get a time limit. When was the last time you wrote a quality final exam essay in only 15 minutes? I usually take at least an hour to write a really good blog posting, and that's the bare minimum. This will explain why I haven't posted anything worthwhile for a long time. But come to my BBQ on Saturday. As if I haven't said it enough.

I'll try to blog something by the end of the week. Like one of the potential topics below. Or something else. We'll see.


  1. yeh.. that is true..
    that is why u do it when ur free..
    or you post non-quality ones.. haha

  2. Agree. I usually think of topics to talk about during the day, but when it comes down to sitting and typing, I end up talking about such on-the-surface stuff. Mostly because I'm too lazy or I don't want to spend time typing up my "profound" thoughts. Another reason is b/c I forget what I was going to talk about and I end up blogging about what's in my short-term memory.