Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sometimes you lose

So I made an executive decision and postponed the BBQ to Saturday, June 18 because the weather forecasts said 40 to 60% POP (possibility of precipitation? probability of precipitation? posture of pranks? grr....). And now they say 30%. This is extremely upsetting. There's no time to get together the meat and stuff to move it back to tomorrow. Even if it were, it'd be difficult to get everyone to know. Bleh... although... IS saying that the morning's POP is 60%. So we'll see what happens. It'd suck to go and the grass is all wet when we get there, huh? Listen to me rationalize, baby. Well, I made a decision and possibly lost out. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Or the way the rib gets burnt.

So same story as last time, except it'll be on Saturday, June 18. If there's good weather, we'll go to Barnet Marine Park. If there's bad weather, we'll cram into my place. Do or die this time. :)

Things I'd like to blog about.

Apple will use Intel CPUs.
Private health care finally recognized in Canada?
Robots that look like humans...
Feel good story of the week.
I saw Crash.
The paradox of giving up all for the cross (no URL)

On the other hand, Vicky noted that the robot woman would make the perfect wife. Erm... maybe. :p


  1. Thanks, bobby! You niiice person you! =DDD!!!

  2. hey bobby, i did say, robot can be a good wife. let's say. she can cook, can wash dishes, wash cloth,,clean the house......
    plus, she will always have a big smile, listen to you all the time. never argue, and "you are always right, dear",
    and, she will always be beautiful, never gets fat, nor gets old.
    look, what else can you get from a real woman? i guarantee you, definitely less than that :)