Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I Love Talking with Engineers

It's not often I can discuss the widespread implications of convergence, IPTV, the Long Tail, media storage changes, and compression codecs, and feel like I exercised my brain and learned something. You can only have this kind of idea exchange with the technical types. You need all kinds. Is it too arrogant to quote myself? ;)
Don't get me wrong, you need business people who are able to identify opportunities, markets, and make things work in the industry. Hey, that's why I exist. But they'll be able to do jack without the engineer/scientist at their side.
Definitely yeah. I was reminded of that tonight.

I still have work galore. Our next deadline for the TELUS New Ventures BC Competition is coming up soon, and I have a few interviews here and there this week. Plus, I'm helping to set up an alumni network for anyone who was involved in Campus Crusade across Canada. Lemme know. Andrew, this means you especially, since you're kinda not in Canada.

Perhaps I can blog next week? :)