Saturday, April 02, 2005

Top April Fools of All Time

Well, in honour of this special day, here are the Top 100 April Fools Jokes of all time. This one is one of my favourites, even though the date is probably only coincidence. :)
#13: The Predictions of Isaac Bickerstaff
In February 1708 a previously unknown London astrologer named Isaac Bickerstaff published an almanac in which he predicted the death by fever of the famous rival astrologer John Partridge. According to Bickerstaff, Partridge would die on March 29 of that year. Partridge indignantly denied the prediction, but on March 30 Bickerstaff released a pamphlet announcing that he had been correct: Partridge was dead. It took a day for the news to settle in, but soon everyone had heard of the astrologer's demise. On April 1, April Fool's Day, Partridge was woken by a sexton outside his window who wanted to know if there were any orders for his funeral sermon. Then, as Partridge walked down the street, people stared at him as if they were looking at a ghost or stopped to tell him that he looked exactly like someone they knew who was dead. As hard as he tried, Partridge couldn't convince people that he wasn't dead. Bickerstaff, it turned out, was a pseudonym for the great satirist Jonathan Swift. His prognosticatory practical joke upon Partridge worked so well that the astrologer finally was forced to stop publishing his almanacs, because he couldn't shake his reputation as the man whose death had been foretold.
Oh, and Cypress is opening its runs tomorrow due to the rash of snow we've been having lately. This better not be an April Fools Day joke! Not that it matters to me since I have papers galore. But it's comforting to know that there might be snow there for me once the semester is over. :)

Latest News...
THE DOWNHILL AND CROSS COUNTRY AREAS WILL BE OPEN TOMORROW FROM 9AM - 4PM. All Season Passes will be valid during this time. Ticket prices will be 25% off the regular price. SkiCard holders, Voucher holders and Adult Lesson Program holders are encouraged to take advantage of this re-opening. UNFORTUNATELY SKI SCHOOL LESSONS AND KIDS CAMP WILL NOT BE OFFERED AND THE TUBING AREA WILL REMAIN CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. We will provide an update on the weekend regarding the operating schedule for next week. We hope to remain open if the weather continues to provide us with good ski conditions.
Back to papers. Papers, papers, papers. It'll all be over after this semester! :D I wish all these appointments didn't have to happen this week. Interferes, you know.

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