Tuesday, April 19, 2005

News Flash from Left Field

Whoah. Adobe to acquire Macromedia. I'm not so sure this is such a good idea. Adobe and Macromedia hold a virtual duopoly on the graphics design and web design application markets. Sure you have other players like Corel, the venerable GIMP, and so on. But whoah. This will kind of change the industry, and not necessarily for the better. Adobe's not a techie company like Macromedia. I hope this won't kill the innovation that Macromedia's been able to provide to the industry over the years. This was kinda unexpected, yeah.

In other news, SCO continues to lose money. Gee, who knew? This was totally not expected. /sarcasm

Gee, maybe I'll have time to get back to real blogging soon.


  1. my shares are losing money too.. :(
    ah well..

  2. If you invested in SCO, I must cease being friends with you! ;)

  3. You should be shorting SCO's stock =)

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